Starting point

All proejcts settings can be opened through the profile link in the top navigation.

Profile Starting point

Create Project

Create a project

Each project will get its own subdomain. This subdomain will be used to mange the project related forms.

Remove Project

Remove a project

Projects can be deleted by clicking on a project to open the settings page. On the top-right is a recycle bin to remove this project.

Grant access to users

Grant access to users

Enter the mail adress of the user to grant access. The user must be existing. Otherwise use the invitation link below.

Manage access rights

Manage access rights

By default another user has standard access to the project. Managing forms, templates, designs and interactions

To allow the user to invite and set access on this project, enable the "Manage access" checkbox and save.

Further access rights are the Unlock locked items and Mange Api Access. The Unlock access right is need for other members to unlock locked items, that are not locked by the member itself. The Manage Api Access is needed when a member should manage the Api calls to a project.

To remove a user, click on remove. Changes and data that was created by this user will not be deleted.

Invite users

Invite users

With an invitation link, existing and non-existing users can be invited. The user will grant access to the project. If an user is not existing, the access will be granted after registration.

Api Access Points

Api Access Points

The Api Access Points are for using integration in other systems like Sitecore, Umbraco and other content management systems.

Each api can configured in Token, Enabled state and the access right 'Read' and 'Write'

By clicking on 'Generate Token' a new token will be generated. The previous token will be invalid.