Create a new Interaction

Create a Interaction

Interactions are easily created by entering a name and click on Create

Edit a Interaction

Edit a Interaction

All customer fields are possible to move to the selected side. This list defines which fields will be updated when a interaction applied to a customer.


Versioning a Interaction

Interactions are versioned. Each version can be approved, locked, unlocked or unapproved.

When its locked, the user will be shown who locked this version. Only the user who locked the form can unlock, approve and make changes on this version.

Usage in forms


Interactions can be applied to submit actions too. Important is the matching field on the customer fields. This will be used to find the correct customer.

For mapping the interaction fields to the form fields, its neccessary to set the customer field in the fields settings.



To run a interaction on your website, you need to implement this snippet. Following changes must be made:

  • Set fields value in snippet. This must be a string/text.
  • The page url needs an attribute "customerId" with the customer Id. This id is used to identify the customer and store new values.

The customer Id could be set automatically in snippet settings with "customerId": "GUID"

Remove a Interaction

Remove a Interaction

Designs can be deleted by clicking on the three dots to open the context menu.