Create a new form

Create a form

Forms are easily created by entering a name and click on Create

Edit a form

Create a form

The edit view has two areas. The left area is a list of available field types. And the right one is the form builder to define field settings.

  • 1. Per Drag and drop move the field to the "Drag'n'drop' zones. The field will be added on top or at bottom. Afterwards the field can be moved with arrows, top of the field.
  • 2. Is show the state of the version. By creating a new form, it will be not approved.
  • 3. Fields are seperated into categories. The categories will be shown by click.

Preview a form

Create a form

The preview is a powerful see, how will the form looks like. It will use the design, that was choosen in "Naming / Design" section.


Create a form

Forms are versioned. Each version can be approved, locked, unlocked or unapproved.

When its locked, the user will be shown who locked this version. Only the user who locked the form can unlock, approve and make changes on this version.


Embed a form

To show the form on your website, you need to copy the Javascript snippet. The Javascript is ES6 compatible. No other framework needed.

Its also possible to use it as iframe. The snippet will be updated automatically.

When the internal name is a paramer in the url, the parameter value will be set to the input field.

Submit Actions

Submit Actions

The workflow that will be happened when a form is submitted can be set at submit actions.

The basics are "Create Customer", "Interaction" and "Send Mail".

The Create Customer action will create a new customer in the database. To store more informations about the customer from the form, an Interaction action must be set.

Each submit action have a setting on which state it will be used. This is important on preview and live versions. When nothing is selected, the action will be skipped. The title field is a optional setting to set a title on the left side.

Remove a form

Remove a form

Sub-Configurations can be deleted by clicking on the three dots to open the context menu.

When the configuration is deleted, the forms, interactions, templates and designs will be deleted for this configurations and all sub-configurations.