Customer overview

All created customers are visible in the customer table. By click on the ID, the customer details will be shown.

An easy export to a .csv file is available at the bottom bar.


Customer fields

The fields that can be used on a customer is completly flexible and can be set up by your own needs.

  • Click on the "Manage fields" link on top-right and the context menu will be opened.
  • Fields are inherit vom parent configurations.
  • Fields can be added, removed or shown on customer overview

Changes needs to be saved by click on "Save".


Edit a design

Customers contains a set field data and a list of interactions.

The data section lists the currend value for a customer field.

Each applied interaction is shown on the right side, with the value that was applied.

Remove a customer

Remove a design

Customers can be deleted by clicking on the three dots to open the context menu.