Professional Package

For the website who have tons of webforms. You will safe a lot of time!

Getting started
Starter Paket

The easiest way to communicate with your customers are webforms.

FlyingForms is created to improve and simplify to create webforms for everybody.

Professional Package


Structuring and define access's to projects, relating to your websites and languages. Each project have it's own sub domain for an easier integration into your systems.

User Management

Grant other users to work together with you on a project. Allow users to access you project, unlock others locked forms, designs and interactions.

Professional Package


These are made to update an existing customer. Aggregate all informations about a submission by an identifier like email. Get a complete history of sent data from an customer.

Customer Data

Each data contains a set of customers data. All data that are matching the identifier are summarize in one data set.

Professional Package


Create your forms with the build-in form designer and configure each form field with a few clicks Group your form within projects and sub configurations.

Mail Templates

Create different mail templates for different forms. Use another template for contact requests as on your newsletter opt-in mail.

Professional Package


Each form generates a snippet that can be inserted into your website. Place it to the position, where the webform should be rendered.


Create custom designs and apply to your form. Use your own stylesheet or customize with our designer.

Professional Package

Submit Actions

Choose your own process to proceed the submitted data. Select between an email, customer creation or updating an existing customer. For a direct submission result you can choose between a message and a redirect.


Each form, design, interaction and mail template are versioned. Switch, lock and approve versions.

Create webforms and get more interactions with your customers

A website without any contact or newsletter form are losing much potential. Just start with your first form.