How to create and use projects

The first step you need to do in FlyingForms is to create a new projects. Projects are logical separations of forms and data. This can be used for multiple websites or customers.

Create your first project

How to setup a new project - Step 1 - Projects

By clicking on 'Projects' and then on 'Manage Projects' will open the list of you projects. At the beginning, no existing projects existing.

On this page you can create a new project. Just type the project name in the first input field and the url you would like to have in the other field. The url is unique, so it could be possible that another user already have this sub-domain. You need to choose another.

Manage Access

Each projects has the ability to add other members to the project. This is required to work together on forms.

How to setup a new project - Step 1 - Manage Access

On this page are three different areas. The first one is a list of users, that have currently access, eg. yourself. The second area is the input to add another member by its e-mail address. And the last area is to provide an invitation link to other members and also non-registered members. By registering a new account with an invitation link, the member will grant access to the project automatically. Sometimes you want to invalid the invitation link, then you can generate a new one, by clicking on 'Generate Link'.

The access have to options: 'Access' and 'Manage Access'. The last one grant a member the right to add further members and remove members access.

Remove projects

Each project can be removed by it's owner. The owner is the member who created the projects.

How to setup a new project - Step 1 - Remove project

In the settings of a projects is a recycle bin on the top right. By double clicking this, the project will be removed. Additionally all containing data will be removed link Customer Data, Forms, Design, etc.

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