Create and use Mail Settings

The smtp data management will be more flexible than before. With the new feature 'Mail Settings' provides the possibility to maintain multiple smtp informations for a project. Each 'Mail Setting' can be chosen in the 'Send Mail' submit action.

Previous stored smtp informations will be migrated automatically.

Create and test Mail Settings

Mail Settings Overview

As an example we created a connection for IONOS. A new Mail Setting can be created by entering a Name and click on 'Create'. Afterwards the edit view will be opened automatically.

Mail Settings Edit View

The settings are containing a name and the smtp informations. In case no name is set, it will be automatically named '[unnamed]'. After inserting the smtp informations, you can test it by entering an e-mail address below and click on 'Send'. A test mail will be sent.

Choose a Mail Setting in 'Send Mail' submit action

The submit action 'Send Mail' has a new filled 'Mail Setting' which shows all existing Mail Setting within the current project.

Submit Action Send Mail

You need to choose a Mail Setting, otherwise no mail will be sent.

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