How to integrate forms into Sitecore CMS

For integration into the Sitecore CMS, we created a small integration package that provides you a Sitecore module to choose a form and render this into your layout.

You can download the package in the Sitecore marketplace or directly.

Install Sitecore package 'FLYINGFORMS FORM BUILDER'

Install Sitecore package - Step 1

At first you need to download and install the sitecore package. The installation can be done with the standard Sitecore package installer.

After installing the package, there are a few steps that needs to be configured.

Setup the Flyingform.config file

Configure Sitecore package

By default is an example config file placed at /App_Config/FlyingForms/FlyingForms.config.example. This file needs to be renamed to FlyingForms.config to get the connection to you FlyingForms project working.

There are three settings needed: 'FlyingForms.ProjectName', 'FlyingForms.ProjectId' and 'FlyingForms.Token'. The ProjectName is the name of your project subdomain, eg. when your subdomain is '' then you need to set the 'my' to the ProjectName. The project id and the token is given by the Api Access Point that is configured in your project settings.

Setup the placeholder settings

Setup Placeholder Settings Step 1

There is a new Rendering that needs to be added to the allowed controls in you placeholder settings.

At this point you are able to create a new FlyingForms Form module within your Experience Editor.

Module settings

Module Settings

After creating your first module you can set the settings for this module. The main part is choosing the Form from the dropdown. The dropdown is filled automatically with your forms from your FlyingForms project.

Optional settings are the checkboxes 'Apply Stylesheet' and 'Render Approved in Preview'. When 'Apply Stylesheet' is enabled, the stylesheet that is configured in FlyingForms will be used. Otherwise the markup will be rendered without styling. This is helpful when your site has already a stylesheet for forms. In some cases you want to see the approved version of your form in the preview in Sitecore, then you can enabled the checkbox 'Render Approved in Preview'. Otherwise the latest non-approved version will be rendered. At published version, the latest approved version will be rendered.


Render form

When all steps are done, the form will be rendered. :)

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