How to work with interactions in forms

Interactions are made for updating customers data. Every field can be updated by an interaction. This can be used as a script within your site and as a submit action. Common usage is to create double opt-in features and to aggregate information about a costumer from different forms.

Step 1: Create customer fields

To get interactions working, the customer fields needs to be created before. At the beginning a customer has only an Id, no other fields. The customers fields can be created in project and sub configurations. The fields are maintained in the customer sections and by clicking on 'Manage Field' at top right. By click a right pane will open and this will look like this:

How to interactions working - Step 1 - Customer fields

The checkbox 'Show in customer overview' is for displaying the field in the customer overview table and in the .csv export.

Step 2: Create a new interaction

For a new interaction we create a new on in the 'Interaction' section. By typing in a name and click on 'Create'. In our example we will name it 'Contact Message'.

How to interactions working - Step 2 - Create interaction

By clicking on 'Create' the interaction details will be opened. The main part is the 'Fields to update' section. We can drag and drop the fields to the right to determine the fields on a customer that should be updated. For a simple contact message form, we will move the 'message' to the right.

When using this interaction on a page without a form, you should set the 'Success Message'.

How to interactions working - Step 2 - Interaction - Assign fields

The next step is to assign this interaction in a customer contact form.

Step 3: Assign interaction

To fetch the data from the contact form submission and save it in a customer data, we need to make some settings in the contact form.

The fields in the form needs to know, which customer fields should be mapped. This is set in the field settings. For the email field we will select 'email' in the 'Customer Field' and 'message' at the message field.

How to interactions working - Step 3 - Field Settings

After this is done, we can add the submit actions to create a customer and set the message field. The 'Create Customer' submit action is important to add a new customer, when its not exists. The 'Matching Field' will be the 'email' field in our scenario.

How to interactions working - Step 3 - Submit Action - Create customer

HINT: The 'Create Customer' submit action must be before the interaction, that will update the 'message' field.

The last step is to add a further submit action, an 'Interaction'. As on the 'Create Customer' submit action the 'Matching Field' is also 'email'. And the 'Interaction' is the one, we created before 'Contact Message'. That's it.

How to interactions working - Step 3 - Submit Action - Interaction

After submitting the form, a new customer will be created and the fields are set. When we are looking in the customer section, we can see the test customer.

How to interactions working - Step 3 - Customer Test

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