Input errors are going wild!

Input errors are going wild!

We released a total new feature in handling custom input errors. Everytime an input value is not set on required fields or a validation does not match, an error text will be displayed.

What are those 'Error Texts'?

Those 'Error Texts' are a customization of displaying an error to an input field. The browsers have a default feature nowadays. But this is fixed to the browser, how it's displayed. This is in most cases fine, but maybe you need some more styling abilities to integrate your CI or design guide.

How to create 'Error Texts' for my form

Within your projects and sub configurations is a section named 'Error Texts'.

Error Texts - Create new

At first a new error text must be created, by entering a name and click on 'Create'. This will lead you to the edit view for the new error texts.

Error Texts - Edit view

The 'Error Texts' editor is interactive. When a setting is changed, it will be shown in the preview above.

The error messages are able to show relating field names. Just write {{field}} as placeholder within your message and it will be replaced with the field name. E.g. 'No valid enter in field {{field}}.'.

Integrate into your form

After creating the 'Error Text', the error text can be chosen in your form. After selecting a 'Error Texts' configuration, save the form.

Error Texts - Choose in form

On the preview of the form is a checkbox for displaying the 'Error Texts'. You will see how it looks like in addition with your form design.

Error Texts - Preview in form

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