Dedicated Hosting

Benefits of dedicated hosting

Think big! This is the approach behind this dedicated hosting on your form projects. Have your own hardware resources and don't share with other users.


In common cases the projects and users are sharing the same hardware resources. This is fine for small and middle business cases. For large campaigns and global websites we would recommend to order the dedicated hosting package.

Next to the hardware resources, you will have unlimited projects, configurations, forms, submissions and users. You can work complete freely in your system.

We will ask you what you need most and which improvements you need to grow. It's more like a partnership.

Why you need to contact us

The dedicated hosting package is a tailor-made hosting for you. We will discuss about hardware performance, backup plans, update rollouts, which domains you need. We will keep track of all the environment things you need.

When all questions about the environment and support are clarified we can create an offer to you. Feel free to contact us. :)

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