The first api integrations are on the way

The newest feature are the Api Access Points. This feature gives you the possibility to fetch the form definitions.

Create your first api access point

How to setup a new api access point - Step 1 - Projects

IMPORTANT: To manage the api access points you need to own the project or the access right 'Manage Api Access'

By clicking on 'Projects' and then on 'Manage Projects' will open the list of you projects. You should have at least one project. If you dont have projects, you need to create one before.

Add a new Api Access

Each projects has the ability to configure api access points. You can add unlimited api access points.

How to setup a new api access - Step 1 - Manage Api Access

This section is for creating new api access points and to manage them. At first you need to create your first api access point. To archive this, you need to enter a name and click on 'Add'. After this the api access is added and can be configured.

Configure Api Access Points

How to configure api access points - Step 1 - Manage api access points

After creating a new api access point the page should look like the image above. The access token is generated, no access rights enabled and a curl example below.

Sometimes you need a new access token and want to invalidate the old one. This can be done by clicking on the 'Generate Token' Button. In case you need the old one later one, just create a new api access point.

For now are three access rights to configure. The main is the 'Enabled' checkbox. When this checkbox is disabled, no access with this token is possible. The 'Read' and 'Write' are to limit the access to your data.

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